Practice Makes Perfect by The Puck Father


Hello again hockey enthusiasts,  

Hello again hockey enthusiasts, this weeks blog will focus on the practice plans coach Sean had been working on.

It would seem that the lads have finally being listening to the preaching’s of the coaching staff. Withinthe first 2 minutes of the game I noticed the youngsters using the “Jailbreak” breakout to get the puck out of there end and make some offensive strikes. Great heads up work by Nicolas Lipsett to start the ball rolling was the catalyst required to get these fellas working. The wingers came back into their end to support their D-man and this resulted in numerous offensive chances.

Once out of our end the players finished with some fantastic “Bermuda Triangle” attacking strategies around Duchess’s net minder, and managed to capitalize on this tactic 4 times. Consistent demonstration of these practiced plays lead to a game dominated by the Chestermere Novice 2.

Great goal tending by Nicolas Eady who stopped 22 of 23 shots (some of which I don’t even think he saw they were coming too fast), and a smart non-retaliatativedemeanor from our guys also helped in the victory. Duchess ended up in the sin bin 5 times while our boys kept it clean and managed to play their game, a game which has been instilled in them from day one on the pond, and that is to play it fair. 

I’m proud of these little professionals, the way theylisten and play the game for fun, as the game was meant to be played, not for extrinsic reward, a paycheque, or a trophy, but for the love of going out there and being the best they can be, and being the best teammates they can be.  So until next time, WORK HARD, PLAY FAIR, and HAVE FUN.