2014-2015 Chestermere Minor Hockey Association Manager's Handbook

2014-2015 Chestermere Minor Hockey Association Tyke Manager's Handbook


  1. ARENAS – please respect all arenas and DO NOT let your players run wild! The new shelves in the blue dressing rooms (put in by the World’s Longest Hockey Game) are NOT monkey bars for the kids to swing on. If they are injured doing this, CRCA and CMHA are NOT responsible!!!
  1. CAHL
  1. Managers Roles & Responsibilities located under the roles and responsibilities tab on CAHL home page. Read it and/or print it.
  1. Game Books – provided by League Director. League Home game white sheet goes to tier governor, Exhibition home game white sheet to our CMHA League Director (Brian Monkman).
  1. Data Entry person – Novice to Midget - home team of every game is responsible for entering in the game results from the official game sheet, no later than 24 hours after the weekend game finishes (Monday). An online tutorial is available for using the scoring application.
  1. Game changes – need to be approved by your governor and a form filled out and signed by both teams first and then sent to the governor. Form is on CAHL-Forms. Game changes can be confirmed by email.
  1. League Governor for your tier – look on CAHL website for contact information on who your tier governor is.
  1. League play – new CAHL website is self explanatory – no more “portal access”. DO NOT book a tournament the first weekend after the re-tiering weekend or during tiering round.
  1. Provincials – games take precedent over league and tournament games and starts mid January. If playing a provincial game against a team in your league, this game can count as both provincial and league game if both teams agree to it before start of game and sign game sheet stating so. For teams going into Provincials – DO NOT to book tournaments in late Jan. – Feb.!!!!!
Each Division within an LMHA will have the top Team placed in the appropriate Category according to the current Hockey Season’s registration numbers in an Association’s Division:     AA Major 115 and up, AA Minor 58-114, A 41-57, B 24-40, C 17-23, D 10-16.
  1. Tournaments – can be found on Hockey Alberta website or on associations’ website. NO tournaments during tiering round or the first weekend after tiering weekend (CAHL rules). Tiering weekend OK.
  1. Playoffs – start the weekend after Family Day in February. Watch out when booking a tournament as playoffs take precedent and Governors can make you drop out of a tournament you already paid for.
  1. Team list“a final” team list with jersey #’s is to be e-mailed to the Registrar. ABSOLUTELY NO changes are to be made to this list after it is sent to the Registrar unless you have approval from the Registrar!!
  1. Affiliations –Only players who are officially on your Hockey Canada team roster as players or affiliates may play with your team. Teams cannot at anytime just pick up a player, brother, sister etc. and add them for a game of any kind, league, exhibition or tournament. A player may only be affiliated to one team.
  1. At all times on the ice, players must be in full gear and coaches should have helmets on during practice. NO ONE is allowed on the ice unless carded to the team or has a special permit from League Director.
  1. Coaches – Only coaches that have been carded to your team are allowed on your bench for games.  Coaches that are carded to other CMHA teams may attend your practice ONLY and help on the ice for practices but may not go on your bench unless they are carded to your team.  If you have a day where you are short coaches, you cannot just grab a willing parent and throw them on the bench. A suspension will be given by the league to all the coaching staff.
  1. Suspensions – Managers – a copy of all (player or coach) referee suspension reports need to be forwarded to your Division Coordinator within 48 hours of the game. Any parent getting kicked out of the game also needs to be forwarded to Division Coordinator.
  1. Hockey pucks – home team to provide warm up pucks to visiting teams in Chestermere.
  1. ICEteams must give 72 hours notice to return ice to the Ice Director otherwise hours will be included in the teams’ yearly allotment.
For exhibition game ice, teams inform the Ice Director and he will confirm the ice and the referees will be booked automatically. There is no need to contact anyone else to request referees. If an exhibition game is cancelled, the Ice Director and Referee Director MUST be informed ASAP!!!!
When teams are booking tournaments and league games need to be rescheduled, please try to allow for rescheduling of your home games before you commit to changing away games. This will give the Ice Director more options because you won’t already be committed on weekends that you have open.
  1. Referee Room is off limits to coaches, managers unless invited in. If you have a question, knock on the door to ask your question. Physically check to see if you have referees for all your home games at least ½ hour before game starts.
Assignor: Shane Hainstock 403-617-9093 –
  1. Communication lines are to be followed at ALL times parent/player to coach/manager first, then to division coordinator, to coach director to president. If it is a league issue, contact League Director. COMMUNICATE TO YOUR TEAM AT ALL TIMES
  1. COMMUNICATE with your team at all times so they are also aware of what is happening.
  1. Team score sheet labels – Avery 08163 – I will send an example to you if you need one.
  1. Team Apparelrefer to our Apparel policy section 6.23 in the policy manual and follow it.
  1. Travel Permits – Must contact League Director - Brian Monkman at to receive a travel permit to play exhibition games or tournaments outside of our zone 6 (ie.High River, Calgary). All League play is covered. E-mail with all the information at least one week prior to when you need the permit – level (Atom, Peewee…) where, when, Sanction # if tournament, Zone. Brian will get a permit for you. DO NOT wait till the last minute!! No Travel Permit is needed if you are playing league games, Provincial play down games or going to Provincials.
  1. Special Event Sanctioning – you must receive approval for these events from Hockey Alberta through the League Director. These events are non on ice activities i.e.: bottle drives, team dry land, etc. Hockey Alberta will NOT sanction parent/player skates, Hitmen games, Flames games, swimming, or other sporting activities like soccer or basketball. Floor hockey is acceptable assuming players are wearing helmets, facemasks, gloves, & elbow pads.
  1. Hockey Alberta Special Permits – are NOT given for paintball, team swim, and parent/child skate. Anything else you would like to do with the kids needs a Special Permit through Brian Monkman. ie: having a guest coach on ice…  NO ALCOHOL!!!!!!
  1. Name Bars – are no longer permitted on CMHA jerseys.
  1. Jersey’s – DO NOT put jerseys in the dryer – hang to dry ONLY.
  1. Team volunteers – you will need a treasurer, fundraising coordinator, tournament coordinator, time keepers, score keepers, jersey parent.
  1. Time Keepers / Score Keepersare off ice officials and do not speak to any players in box unless asking for jersey #. NO cheering or banging on glass. If you don’t understand refs call, buzz them over to explain. If player in box is using profane language, call ref over and he will deal with it. If you want, ask a parent from visiting team to join you in time keeper box.
  1. Team Treasurer – you do not need to open up a separate bank account if you do not want to pay service fees. Scotia Bank in Chestermere has accounts set up for all teams if you want to go there. You will need a letter from the board treasurer –  Provide a statement to the team on a regular basis. I can provide you with a typical spreadsheet if you would like. Funds are NOT to be used for alcohol!! A final statement needs to be handed in to the board treasurer no later than April 30 with a zero balance.
  1. Fundraising –CMHA has a raffle to help keep your fees down and put some money (at least $1500) into your team funds right off the bat (Mid Oct). Please DO NOT compete with this with another fundraiser before Christmas. Teams can do a cash call, parent/company donations, or 50/50’s at home games. DO NOT get a raffle license on your own. Please email coordinator at  Fundraising can only be used for the players, not parent activities. Cash calls can be returned to the parents at end of season, otherwise all funds must be used on players (please review AGLC Use of Proceeds on how to use money from raffle and 50/50’s)  
  1. Medical forms - found on Hockey Alberta’s website under “Forms – Minor”. Make sure everyone fills them out and keep them in a zip lock bag in the medical kit on the bench with the Trainer. If severely injured - Doctors note needed to come back to play. Report goes to Risk Manager. Injured player sits in stands – not on the bench. If they are on the bench, they must be ready to play. Print off a couple of Injury Report forms and carry with you to give to parent if an injury should occur. Found on HA under “Forms - General”
  1. Peewee Winter Games occur every 2 yrs (2014, 2016, 2018…) and is a selection camp to be run by Hockey Alberta in the month of December.
  1. H1N1 Swine flukeep gloves on for shaking hands. Hockey AB has a Bulletin section on their website if you would like to take a look.
  1. Mouth Guards are not mandatory but are highly recommended if the parent and child want to.
  1. Team socks – now included in fees and every player will receive home and away.
  1. Hockey Sock Sizing:
SMALL 20-21 inches TYKE Small
MEDIUM 23-24 inches NOVICE Small/Medium
LARGE 28-29 inches ATOM Medium/Large
X LARGE 32-33 inches PEEWEE Large/XLarge

REMINDER – The arena is NOT a playground!! If for any reason your CRCA # is rescinded – You DO NOT play hockey!!!
Dodge Caravan for Kids -  NOVICE age players ONLY - In order to participate, you must complete a team contact information form, attach Dodge Caravan Kids shoulder patches to your jerseys, distribute image-consent forms, take a creative team photo showing off your new sponsorship, and invoice Hockey Alberta. After you submit the form, photo, and invoice you will receive a cheque for $500.00 per team for your participation.  If your team decides to do this, CMHA will front your team the $500 as it takes a while for you to get the cheque.
Link can be found on Hockey Alberta website -